Sensory NeuroEngineering JC

Student/staff-run bi-weekly journal club


Journal Club is currently on hold.


This is a homepage for the Sensory NeuroEngineering Journal Club (JC). The club is run by students & staff from the Reichenbach lab at Imperial College London. The topics usually cover the research interest of the lab including (but not limited to):

  • Auditory cognitive neuroscience
  • Speech (in noise) perception
  • Multisensory processing
  • Computational neuroscience & modelling
  • M/EEG signal processing
  • …and many more!


The journal club is currently virtual (via MS Teams). We meet every second Friday (dates below) at 2 PM (UK time).

Date Speaker Paper
23/10/2020 N/A Lab viva celebration!
06/11/2020 Mikolaj Kegler Brodbeck, C., Jiao, A., Hong, L. E., & Simon, J. Z. (2020). Neural speech restoration at the cocktail party: Auditory cortex recovers masked speech of both attended and ignored speakers. PLoS biology.
20/11/2020 Enrico Varano O’Sullivan, A. E., Crosse, M. J., Di Liberto, G. M., & Lalor, E. C. (2017). Visual cortical entrainment to motion and categorical speech features during silent lipreading. Frontiers in human neuroscience.
04/12/2020 Pierre Guilleminot Sabbagh, D., Ablin, P., Varoquaux, G., Gramfort, A., & Engemann, D. A. (2020). Predictive regression modeling with MEG/EEG: from source power to signals and cognitive states. NeuroImage.
18/12/2020 N/A Xmas break
01/01/2021 N/A Xmas break
15/01/2021 Pierre Guilleminot O'Sullivan, A. E., Crosse, M. J., Di Liberto, G. M., de Cheveigné, A., & Lalor, E. C. (2020). Neurophysiological indices of audiovisual speech integration are enhanced at the phonetic level for speech in noise. bioRxiv.
29/01/2021 Mathilde de Kerangal Chambers, C., Akram, S., Adam, V., Pelofi, C., Sahani, M., Shamma, S., & Pressnitzer, D. (2017). Prior context in audition informs binding and shapes simple features. Nature communications.
12/02/2021 Anirudh Kulkarni Hovsepyan, S., Olasagasti, I., & Giraud, A. L. (2020). Combining predictive coding and neural oscillations enables online syllable recognition in natural speech. Nature communications.
26/02/2021 Mike Thornton Miran, S., Presacco, A., Simon, J. Z., Fu, M. C., Marcus, S. I., & Babadi, B. (2020). Dynamic estimation of auditory temporal response functions via state-space models with Gaussian mixture process noise. PLoS computational biology.
12/03/2021 Enrico Varano Desai, M., Holder, J., Villarreal, C., Clark, N., & Hamilton, L. S. (2021). Generalizable EEG encoding models with naturalistic audiovisual stimuli. bioRxiv.
26/03/2021 Mathilde de Kerangal Broderick, M. P., Di Liberto, G. P., Anderson, A. J., Rofes, A., & Lalor, E. C. (2021). Dissociable electrophysiological measures of natural language processing reveal differences in comprehension strategy in healthy ageing. Scientific Reports
09/04/2021 N/A Postponed due to "The Neurobiology of Language: Key Issues and Ways Forward"
23/04/2021 (4pm!) Mikolaj Kegler Beier, E. J., Chantavarin, S., Rehrig, G., Ferreira, F., & Miller, L. M. (2021). Cortical Tracking of Speech: Toward Collaboration between the Fields of Signal and Sentence Processing. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
07/05/2021 Pierre Guilleminot Geirnaert, S., Francart, T., Bertrand, A. (2021). Unsupervised Self-Adaptive Auditory Attention Decoding. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics
Until Oct. 2021 N/A Summer break

Want to join/present?

In the spirit of open and accessible science we are happy for anyone interested to join us, both as a member of the audience, as well as, the speaker. The journal club is generally free-form, so invited speakers can present their own research or topics of their expertise (not necessarily published in a journal). Convinced to join us? If so, then please drop me a line at